Terms and Condition

Welcome to Soulsplay, a service provided by Elphill Technology Pvt. Ltd.

These terms help you to use Soulsplay upload and listen to music on Soulsplay.com without a pause.

These Terms to know aligns with our Privacy and any other terms applicable during the use of Soulsplay.

These Terms of use are divided in the following sections:

Approval of term of use:

Basically by using Soulsplay you accept our terms of Use, privacy and other guidelines and agree to abide by them.

Changes to Terms of Use:

This section is subject to change and will update from time to time.

Describing Soulsplay:

Soulsplay.com is galore for music listening and sharing. No matter you are a hip hop fan or a pop enthusiast, love to groove with EDM beats or crave for healing music, Soulsplay is the lobby for experiencing a fascinating music journey. It is the hotbed for wannabe artists who want a perfect stage to promote their craftsmanship and create buzz amongst global music lovers.

Your Soulsplay Account:

This section will assist toy with all the process of registering with Soulsplay and create a successful account.

Your Use of Soulsplay Platform:

This section explains a Soulsplay user about his/her right to use the platform and all the conditions that apply.

Your Content:

This section explains you about your ownership of the content. It also assures not to upload anything that that disobeys anyone’s right.

License Grant:

This sections explains how a Soulsplay user’s content will be used on the platform. It also explains about the permission and accessibility that you grant to others for listening your music.

Representations and warranties:

It is an important section deals with your guarantees and promises that you make while uploading a content on Soulsplay. It also checks with the promises that you make are true and that all the content you uploads are owned by you and is not against anyone’s rights.

Liability of the content:

This section explains users that Soulsplay is a hosting service and users are solely responsible for stuffs that they upload on Soulsplay.

Reporting about infringements:

This section assists a Soulsplay user on how to report or notify about any content on the forum that is found that has infringed or violated a Soulsplay user’s copyright. Any other unlawful, abusive issue may also be reported.

Excess to Third Party Websites and Services:

Soulsplay allows excessing other websites and services to its users. This section explains Soulsplay users that these are separate services and is not under the control of Soulsplay.

Content removal and blockage:

This section of Soulsplay makes it clear with its user that it may delete or block content from the Platform

Repetitive Infringers:

Soulsplay users who repeatedly infringe third party rights or violate the Terms of Use of soulsplay may be suspended or terminated. This section deals with the above aspect.


This section explains that Soulsplay cant give any warranty that it will be always available. These problems are very common and are also available with best of best sites.

Liability limitations:

This section of Soulsplay explains that there are some limitations for which Soulsplay will not be liable. Soulsplay users must make sure to go through this crucial section.


This section explains the users of Soulsplay that if a Soulsplay user harms the platform in any way, he/ she must take the responsibility to resolve the problem.

Protection of data, privacy and cookies:

A Soulsplay user must know how the platform uses his/ her personal information. All the information of a user is collected and stored in accordance with the privacy policy. Therefore it is important for users to read and understand the policy. Like other website, Soulsplay also uses cookies to analyze its usage and keep going on with the service.


This section explains about the Soulsplay Meetups. As these are not official Soulsplay events, therefore Soulsplay will not be responsible for anything that happens.

Promotions and other Contests:

Soulsplay is for promotion but other contests, competitions are not run by the platform. Therefore if you want to host your own competition make sure you read and understand Competition Terms.


This section helps you to terminate your Soulsplay account if you wish to do. It also explains the various grounds related to the termination of your Soulsplay profile.


This refers to the standard legal provision which states that any term if not valid will be removed from the agreement without distressing the validity of the remaining portion of the agreement.

Entire Agreement:

Soulsplay terms of use, privacy, policy and other guidelines governs yours use of the platform. Any changes need to be made in writing.

Third party rights:

The terms of use stated are applicable between a Soulsplay user and Soulsplay only.


This section renders information about Soulsplay.com. Also it provides contact information with Soulsplay.