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Naptown, United States

Joshua “Hot Dizzy” Miller was born in Great Lakes, Illinois until he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana at a young age. Today, he writes hip hop/rap music.His finished music is on Youtube and Soundcloud, and he is currently working on his first Album titled Handle Ur Biz. Hot dizzy isn't about the false representation of himself. He is authentic and his lyrics reflect things from his own personal experience. His main focus is his music and career. In addition to wanting to put Indianapolis on the map, Hot dizzy wants his music be an inspiration to all listeners. Throughout his life, Hot Dizzy used music as a means of getting through tough situations. It was his escape and coping mechanism for whatever problems he was dealing with. He had kind of a rough life, and at times he found himself struggling to get by. He recognizes that he may not have had it as hard as others, but it has still made him understand that if you want something, you have to get up and go get it. Nothing in life is easy, free, or given to you. You have to keep working at it. Hot Dizzy wants to be an inspiration to others and for his message to be heard. He only hopes for his music to have the same helpful and lasting impact that others’ music had on him.

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