All about Copyright and Copyright Infringement in SoulsPlay

Copyright is a legal term and is used to describe The Copyright Act that grants the creator of an original work to keep it exclusive while used for distribution both physically or through internet. Used in simpler terms it is the act of preserving artwork from being copied. Copyright exists in all sorts of work including art forms like music, lyrics artwork, books, photographs, TV programs, movies and lot more.

For all who violates the copyright will become responsible for copyright infringement. Copywriting a piece of art as for example a music track makes the artist the sole owner of it. If someone tries to copy it or adopt a copyright work and use it for own purpose without taking the permission you infringe the copyright.

Copyright Checklist

Copyright can be complicated. Regarding any doubt of any sound, you must take the suggestion of an experienced lawyer before uploading anything on SoulsPlay. The following listed are some of the basic facts to consider before you proceed with a new upload in SoulsPlay-

Check if you can answer “Yes” to the following questions-

Are you the original composer of your track?
Is the track recorded and produced by you? Or are you signed under a producer or recording label that has produced the music?
Do you have any legal proof or written permission of the copyright user whose samples you are using on your track?

Check if you can answer “No” to all the following questions-

Do you have a deal that is published?
Are you an active member of performing right organization?
Is your track licensed with anyone else?
Is your track based on anyone else’s song?
Does any part of your track contain some parts or even the entire track of any other artist?

For all other sounds, who has done podcasts, field recordings, voice messages or any act that are not regular music tracks check if you can answer “Yes” to the following questions-

Is the recording done by you?
Is it your own composition? Did you perform it alone or with other artist? If yes do you have the permission of the other artist performing with you?

Check if you can answer “No” to the following questions-

If it is a podcast, is the recording rehearsed or a narration from a script?
Is the script written by you?
Does your recording include any other performer or artist or even a movie dialogue?

Soulsplay users must consider the above points to avoid any problem in the copyright domain. Follow the checklist and enjoy all the attractive benefits provided by this amazing music sharing platform.