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Sendai Japan and Charlotte NC, United States

Art Project is an on going open and collaborative project that anyone and everyone is welcomed to contribute to any song, art, video or any other form of expression. Just message us and let us know what you are trying to do PLEASE FOLLOW US AT @ARTPROJECTOFFICIAL BECAUSE I WANT TO BE ABLE TO FOLLOW BACK EVERYONE AND KEEP UP WITH YOUR MUSIC AND POSSIBLY COLLABORATE WITH YOU BUT THIS PAGE HAS BECOME PAST OVERWHELMING TO KEEP UP WITH IN THAT MANNER WITHOUT ACCIDENTALLY DELETING SOMEONE I KNOW. Please do not take personal offense if I do not follow back. Instead : PLEASE FOLLOW US AT @ARTPROJECTOFFICIAL ALWAY INQUIRE WITH US IF YOU WANT TO COLLABORATE IN ANY ARTISTIC MANNER......shiiiitttt. Just give me a call if ya want 504-373-7436 . fuck it. (This is the difference between personal page and official haha) Follow us at @artprojectofficial and you maybe the first play on our first official release. - Sincerely Dan Royer P.S. Here are a ton of long winded and over done versions of bios throughout the years that no one will read all the way through hahah TRACKS HAVE BEEN PRIVATIZED UNTIL PROPER PAPERWORK IS FILED Art Project currently is : (ALWAYS LOOKING TO COLLABORATE WITH INTERESTING ARTISTS) This is our drawing board, this is the sketch pad, we have begun work on our first official album and hope it to be out towards the end of the year. These are the demo's. Contact us if you want to help shape these abstract pieces into more than you could imagine they could be from hearing the demo's....or maybe it can be exactly what you imagine Art Project is Dan Royer - Vocals, Guitar, Piano and other Keys, Programming, Oscillation,Theremin, Circuit Bend Josh Beane - Background Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keys, Programming, Percussion, Samples Vocals/Synth/instrumentalist/Circuit Bents/Theremin/Composer/Programming and Production from Charlotte, North Carolina and Sendai, Japan Art Project is Josh Beane and I. It is also a completely open and COLLABORATIVE project that anyone is welcome to write to or remix. You can send us file transfers or come in and record with us. You can record, play or sing, anything you want. The demo's for the upcoming debut Full Length album are up right now and are available for download on Soundcloud and of course we have them stems just ask for them! The Psychonautics Demos can be found by clicking Albums on our page Art Project is an open and on going project. The goal of which is to find as many people who want to contribute to the sonic landscapes of the songs as possible....big or small. So anybody out there with a mind for ambiance and a proclivity to think outside of the box let's start some file transfers! The final product will be finalized and distributed in some manner. Music videos, mixtapes and other promotional avenues will be used as well. Jam with Us! Art Project is looking for contributors of any type large or small but, is especially seeking sequencing and electronic music minded people with backgrounds in many different electronic genres. We want to draw from as many genres as possible ( Trip-Hop, Glitch, Dub, Hip-Hop, IDM, CyberPunk, What ever etc infinity) to make a very unique and elastic sound. Also looking for guest vocalists of all types.

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