About Us

Soulsplay.com is galore for music listening and sharing. No matter you are a hip hop fan or a pop enthusiast, love to groove with EDM beats or crave for healing music, Soulsplay is the lobby for experiencing a fascinating music journey. It is the hotbed for wannabe artists who want a perfect stage to promote their craftsmanship and create buzz amongst global music lovers.
Soulsplay.com is a music sharing platform where artist and fans can interact with each other.

Who can use SoulsPlay?

Indeed every music lover. An artist who has some amazing compositions and want to popularize them and even a celebrity who want to spread their aura further more especially, with the youth crowd. Soulsplay is an open pool for music enthusiasts where they can upload and share their music and receive maximum level of attention.

Soulsplay caters to the need of the emerging artists with their uniquely created online marketing packages that renders powerful impact top their growing career in music. Soulsplay allows social media integration with the top players like Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Advertising on SoulsPlay

We would like to make your music pieces a great hit. The expert team at Soulsplay has come up with range of advertising packages for your music. These packages are designed especially to attract more organic traffic. You can get more reach and engagement in the tracks by opting for a package once you upload your music . Another great advantage of these packages is that your tracks will be advertised on many popular sites like iTunes, Billboard, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Music Blogs, Yahoo News, Bling news and more. They are affordable and delivered in short span of time.