FUHKED UP (feat. Dillon Rock and Circle Small Juli)

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For the past two years I have traveled to Thailand to experience mother darkness. For nine days and nine nights I was stripped of some of my most used senses...sight and taste. No light. No food. Nine days.

After my first experience I followed my heart and quit the business endeavors that no longer served me. I fully committed to my passion for music.

Fast forward to year two. After an exhilarating year of facing my fears and diving in to the music industry, I came out of the cave with so much inspiration that led me to the vision necessary to release my latest EP.

This EP connects tech house with hip hop and together produces some of the most amazing collaborations.

“After Dark” represents the mother darkness within us all. Some of our greatest lessons are found in our darkest times. It is within that space of intense pain or growth that we are born again with a new understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

In my case my dark side is represented by AON and my moments of enlightenment by NOA. It is the balance, the space between that I strive to live in each day. That is the #noamovement.

I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you guys show me each and every day. This journey continues to amaze and inspire me. It’s become more than my journey..it has transformed into my mission. It is time to come together and become ONE PEOPLE.!

This EP consists of 4 songs. Starting with the single “Dark Room” that works it’s way through talking about my experience of finding my true self again!

Thanks to @rockdillon, @julicirclesmall and @lovekristinadanielle as featuring Atlanta based talent!

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