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A southern rapper by the name of Covelle Bankz. Hails from the country of smith county mississippi. With a creative mind and flow, he picked up hip hop/ rap at the age of 13 listening to influences like Eminem, cash money millionaires, OutKast, and No Limit Soldiers. Not knowing how to make or purchase beats he picked up a guitar and learned hip hop cords such as ice ice baby from vanilla ice and Cadillacs on 22s by David banner, he would write his own lyrics and flow to the melody. In 2010 he recorded his first single in a studio, nervous to be in a bad crime area he gained a small street following and a lot of respect. A year later he signed to a small label out of Houston where he got to perform and open up for Paul wall, after the he was promised a lot with nothing to show he decided to take a break then let to giving up. Two years of silence from him he discovers Post Malone, He quotes “Post Malone is the reason I got back into music, he brought back the influence I needed.” Not only did the small label give him the benefit of opening for Paul Wall, he also got to meet Grammy winning producer Ryan “Ghost” bowser. Ryan aka Ghost Music heard and picked up on a few mixtape track, and today they are working on singles and ep’s. Following the hot trap single El Chopo and many more to come.

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